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Seacoast Marine Electronics (SME) Ltd. provides custom made ship to shore communication solutions including the use of VSAT. We have partnered with the world leaders in VSAT Hardware and Airtime, allowing us to provide our customers with the best of both worlds – competitive rates and proven reliable hardware.

With our experience in the VSAT market, we do not just sell “Internet at Sea”.


SME has teamed up with Intellian, a world leader in VSAT hardware allowing us to supply your fleet with the best Maritime stabilized antenna systems on the market. These VSAT domes are ready to be used on any vessel; from a small fishing boat to a large crude oil tanker, these antennas withstand the harshest marine environment. Another advantage of the Intellian antenna is that they are ready for the future Ka Band. With our Airtime subscriptions you will have instant access to the largest global VSAT network. We offer a wide variety of models to fit your specific needs, from the Intellian v60 to the Intellian v240. SME will work with you to provide the best satellite for your specific needs based off coverage area, beam shape, frequency band, and any additional options that we deem necessary.

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IT, Communication & Airtime


SME will provide customized airtime solutions to meet your demands. From a low cost, simple Internet connection at sea to a complex private network for your fleet of vessels, SME can provide you with a tailormade solution.

In addition, we provide VoIP services with flat rate calling rates. As the provider of both your hardware and Airtime, all service related issues are handled directly by our own service centre. No multiple vendors pointing fingers – SME is your “one stop shop”.

Infinity Solutions

INFINITY is a management tool recommended to your Ship to Shore IT network.

INFINITY is the most advanced maritime bandwidth management and optimization solution that can be used on ships equipped with any type of satellite communication systems.

The advantage of this solution is that it can be used with any Satellite Communication System, either existing or newly installed. When having multiple systems on board, INFINITY provides automatic switching between the multiple communication platforms.

INFINITY provides your ship with many additional features including a VPN connection, Content Filtering, Firewall, Centralized Management and Administration, Calling, Email, Traffic Measuring, VoIP, Remote Monitoring and more.

SME will be happy to answer any questions you have about this solution and walk you through how to use INFINITY Solutions in the best way for your ship.

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SME Infinity Solutions